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Liberated Games is dedicated to cataloging all full commercial games that have been liberated and made free in playable form to the public.

There are two basic types of liberated games:

  1. Source code, no data - These games have had their source code released, which means that the games can often be improved, fixed, and ported to new platforms. The prime examples of these are the games from id Software, like Doom and Quake, which were released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). With nearly every source release, the player must still purchase the assets, like graphics, models, sounds, and music, before playing the full game. This is often done by buying a used version of the game, or when available, a new version. Limited play may be available through the use of the data contained in a shareware version of the game.
  2. Binary executable and data - These games have been released in binary-only form. The packages typically contain everything needed to play: the program, graphics, models, sounds, and music. However, because the source code is not available, these versions are limited to the original platform for which they were built. These games cannot be fixed, improved, or ported to new platforms.

There will naturally be some exceptions, and our definition will expand to include those new games and types of releases as they are made.

We neither condone nor engage in distributing games which are commonly called "Abandonware". We strive to respect the rights of the developers and publishers who retain the distribution rights of their works. Do not ask us about including games on the site that have not been liberated by the copyright owners.

We support the liberation of new games and encourage players to file information in our database about an older game which they recommend for liberation. If interest is high enough, we will attempt to work with developers and publishers to investigate the possibility of liberating the game for the benefit of the community.

Liberated Games was conceived and created by Matt Matthews and Marvin Malkowski Jr.